Its our 2 year birthday! So we are giving away a $100 giftcard and other goodies!

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Too long didn’t read?

Okay… Well we are a informational social network trying to do something different in the world. A world where your value online is measured by “likes” and “follows”.. I mean that’s great and all but where did we lose our way?

Why is it that you *have* to be famous to be successful on social media? That’s not fair and you shouldn’t think its fair either. What if you had something important to say? You do.. don’t you?

Here at WildFyre we share this mission: “Social media is broken. We are rebuilding it. The open source social network.” because it’s simple, social media is broken. Isn’t social media about being social? So wheres the social interaction? When did we find ourselves only caring about these “likes” and “follows”?

So guess what? We got rid of them. Your posts on WildFyre are built to be viral in nature. So really.. its all about how you present yourself. So how will you?


Oh right. You came here for a giveaway.

Here’s the deets:

Grand prize: $100 Visa gift card! Yes seriously.

2nd Place: A WildFyre branded pullover hoodie (Comes in 6 color flavors)

3rd Place: A WildFyre branded drawstring bag

4th Place: A sick nasty retro WildFyre T-Shirt

5th Place: 20 WildFyre stickers


6th Place: 5 WildFyre stickers. Hey atleast its something…


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms of Giveaway:

Giveaway will last for 2 weeks: 11/30/2018 12am EST – 12/14/2018 12am EST

You must enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter to be elgible for prizes.

The more you share and enter the better chance you have at winning!

You have to provide us your address to send physical items to you.

Visa gift card will be a virtual voucher.

You’re welcome to join our Telegram if you have any questions 🙂

May the odds forever be in your favor