Apple IPhone X Can’t Handle The New Update, Explodes While Updating To iOS 12.1

There are people in the world, who legit save up money in a separate account just so they can buy an iPhone. True-blue Apple fans is probably what they are. But since they spend at least five times the money an average phone costs, they do expect the product to be top-notch. And they definitely don’t expect it to burst like a Diwali cracker.

But that’s exactly what happened. Rahel Mohamad was updating his phone and had put it on charge, when he noticed dark grey smoke coming out of it. In a matter of seconds, his phone caught fire and exploded.

Poof. His iPhone X became iPhone-ex.

So, he tweeted to Apple asking them what was going on. Apple replied saying that they didn’t expect that kind of behaviour from the phone (duh!) and asked Rahel to correspond via personal messages. Eventually, they asked him to send them the mortal remains of the phone.

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