About Us

What is WildFyre?
It is a new social network. You might notice that it’s kind of basic and small. That’s because it’s currently in beta, but don’t worry, the devs are very active and if you hang in here for a while, you’ll like all the new features as the site/app and the community grow.

Why? Here’s the story:
Once upon a time there was an app. It was a unique sort of social network. Then the devs announced plans to change the app into something completely different, and no one lived happily ever after. The community didn’t want to see it die, so they got together and made WildFyre, which is based on the idea of the original app.

How is WildFyre different than any other social network?

Have you ever wanted to talk about something on social media that interests you? You post something and what is this… You get little to no likes, or worse, no one even creates a conversation with you because they aren’t interested in the same topic? We live in a day and age where your value on social media is measured by the amount of likes or followers you get, not by your actual interaction with the platform. Wheres the conversation, the interaction?

At WildFyre we want to change your views on what we think (and you should to) a social media should be. That means, no more likes, and no more followers.

So what do we do?

Using positive group think practices, we put the control of the platform back into the users hands. So, our algorithm is very straight forward. If you have an area reputation of 4; when you ignite a post it spreads to 4 other users on the platform. If you extinguish a card, it does not spread to anyone. Think of it like a plague infected users, except in our context we start fyres.

The longer you use the app and the more ignites you get on your cards; you will attain a stronger influence on the area(A rep of 5 would spread to 5 users, 6 to 6, etc.). You will have a different reputation in each area. These reputation points can eventually be traded in for visual upgrades.

Cards are grouped by areas (or categories). This ensures likewise cards compete against themselves.. Not a fashion post vs a tech post. That does not make sence.

That means no unfair prioritization of accounts; you can’t buy your way to the top. No user or brand can unfairly promote or feature their posts. No more gatekeepers; Brands/companies abusing social media algorithms to push their products or content on you. How unfair! What about the little guys? Those without multi-million dollar advertising budgets..

Lets make social media fair again, lets give everyone a chance to have their opinions and ideas heard.

We have many more plans to help truly diversify us, stick around to see what we have planned!

Who’s behind this?
WyldBot, Info-Screen, and Clovis do most of the work and are always open to suggestions and questions and stuff from the community.

Can I help?
Yeah! You can support development on Patreon here:
https://www.patreon.com/WildFyre / monthly

https://paypal.me/pools/c/87wCPcwxml / one time
You can share this page on your Facebook or Twitter account with the icons at the bottom of the page, and while you’re there, like/follow WildFyre:
You can talk to Info-Screen or WyldBot if you want to help develop, or design, or whatever else you are skilled at. Just make a post here and they’ll see it, or you can send a message to the Telegram group:

Email us here: [email protected]