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MIT invites you to control a human on Halloween

Would you like to control another human being and experience what it would be like to be inside their mind? Massachusetts Institute of Technology has built a software program called BeeMe that enables web users to suggest actions for a hired actor to perform. From 23:00 ET on Halloween, the net is […]

Twitter just lost 9 Million users

  Twitter’s monthly user count took another hit last quarter, diving by 9 million amid an ongoing crackdown meant to rid the platform of bots, spam, and other problematic accounts. The company said this morning that its monthly user base fell to 326 million from from 335 million the prior […]

Tim Cook says tech’s dark side is real

Today’s tech industry is hurting people and strong regulations are needed to protect user privacy, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a speech in Brussels on Wednesday. “We see vividly — painfully — how technology can harm rather than help. Platforms and algorithms that promised to improve our lives can […]