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4 Great Ways To Strengthen Your Brand

Every business needs a competitive advantage to make their footprint. As the CEO/co-founder of a furniture brand, I found myself in a highly competitive industry that required creative solutions to break in. Between my experience running startups and my co-founder’s experience working with manufacturing and design, we have used our […]

21 Hottest Social Media Marketing Tools

The world of social media is changing every day. From new platforms and updates to the expectations of its users, it is important to keep the online presence of your business fresh and engaging with the help of a stellar social media marketing strategy. Whether you’re a smartphone addict or self-confessed […]

Twitter Now Using ‘Spam’ to Put Devs in a Corner

Twitter is revamping its developer registration portal, which will make it much more difficult to write an app that accesses its API. Saying it removed more than 143,000 apps between April and June 2018 for policy violations related to API access (such as spamming or harassment), Twitter also writes: “We’re continuing […]

Social Media Bridges the Gap Between Consumers and Farmers

Social media has become an increasingly important entity for businesses hoping to bridge the rural and urban gap between farmers and consumers. Social media’s power in agriculture lies in its ability to connect others, through building relationships and developing a community. It also allows producers the ability to tell their […]

How People Around the World Consume Social Media

More than 4 billion people use the internet now, and new data from the Pew Research Center suggests that social media use is spiking in developing countries. What kinds of social media are people using? According to Facebook, more than 2 billion of those internet users go on that social network at least once a month. […]