Frequently Asked Questions

WildFyre Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Introduction/Background Knowledge

What is WildFyre?
It is a new social network. You might notice that it’s kind of basic and small. That’s because it’s currently in beta, but don’t worry, the devs are very active and if you hang in here for a while, you’ll like all the new features as the site/app and the community grow.

How is WildFyre different than any other social network?

Have you ever wanted to talk about something on social media that interests you? You post something and what is this… You get little to no likes, or worse, no one even creates a conversation with you because they aren’t interested in the same topic? We live in a day and age where your value on social media is measured by the number of likes or followers you get, not by your actual interaction with the platform. Wheres the conversation, the interaction?

At WildFyre we want to change your views on what we think (and you should too) a social media should be. That means no more likes and no more followers.

So what do we do?

Using positive group think practices, we put the control of the platform back into the users’ hands. So, our algorithm is very straight forward. If you have an area reputation of 4; when you ignite a post, it spreads to 4 other users on the platform. If you extinguish a card, it does not spread to anyone. Think of it like a plague infecting users, except in our context we start “fyres”.

The longer you use the app and the more ignites you get on your cards; you will attain a stronger influence on the area(A rep of 5 would spread to 5 users, 6 to 6, etc.). You will have a different reputation in each area. These reputation points can eventually be traded in for visual upgrades.

Cards are grouped by areas (or categories). This ensures likewise cards compete against themselves. Not a fashion post vs a tech post. That does not make sense.

That means no unfair prioritization of accounts; you can’t buy your way to the top. No user or brand can unfairly promote or feature their posts. No more gatekeepers; Brands/companies abusing social media algorithms to push their products or content on you. How unfair! What about the little guys? Those without multi-million dollar advertising budgets.

Let’s make social media fair again, let us give everyone a chance to have their opinions and ideas heard.

We have many more plans to help truly diversify us, stick around to see what we have planned!

Who’s behind this?

The developers are Info-ScreenWyldBot, and Clovis.

You can contact them here: [email protected][email protected], and [email protected], respectively.

What happens when I “Ignite” a post?

When you ignite a card it will continue to spread the post to other people.

What happens when I “Extinguish” a post?

When you extinguish a post it will stop the post from spreading further.

How can I get a verified account?

Only developers, admins, and moderators will have a verified account.

What are badges and how can I get one?

We will be implementing more badges. Currently, you can donate to our Patreon to get special donator only badges.

Does WildFyre have any rules?

Yes, you can read our Terms and Conditions here.

Are there moderators? How do I become one?

At the moment, only WyldBotInfo-Screen, and Toastbroti are moderators. We will be allowing applications for moderator support soon.

Does WildFyre have an app?

Android is here.
Apple is here.

We also have a “lite” app meaning you can create a nice shortcut on your phone that houses the client from your mobile browser here.

Posts and Comments

How do I create a post?

Anyone can create a post here.

You can post anything that follows the rules.

How do I copy the link of a post?

There are multiple ways for a user to copy a link to a post.

You can do so at any time under the home page by clicking the link icon.

When you click on a Notification or a post in My Posts, it will bring you to a view of that card. Here you can click the same link icon to copy a link

How do I delete my post?

To delete a post you will need to go to My Posts, here you can find the post you are looking for and delete it with the delete icon

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from a post?

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to a post at any time if you are on the Home page, or viewing a card via your Notification or My Posts pages. You can subscribe or unsubscribe by clicking these icons: turned_in turned_in_not

How do I delete my comment?

You can delete a comment at any time if you are on the Home page, or viewing a card via your Notification or My Posts pages. You can do this by pressing the delete icon on the comment.

How do I toggle between areas?

At the bottom of the Home page, there is a toggle to switch between the “Fun” and “Information” areas.

How do I post to a certain area?

When you set the toggle to a certain area you will see and be able to post to and from that area. You can switch between the areas at any time.

How do I flag posts?

Click on “” located to the bottom right-hand corner of the post, then click “Flag Post”

How do I flag comments?

Click on “” located to the right of the comment, then click “Flag Comment”


Will there ever be more than two areas (Fun and Information) in the future?

This is a community decision and will be brought up later.

What is Area Reputation?

Area reputation is literally your reputation. The higher your reputation is in a certain area the more people your posts (and ignites) will get sent to.

My Profile

How can I change my username?

Currently the only way to change your username is to just make a new account.

How do I change my password?

To change your password go to your profile and click on “” and click “mode_edit Password”

How do I change my email?

To change your password go to your profile and click on “” button and click “mode_edit Email”

How do I change my bio?

To change your password go to your profile and click on “” and click “mode_edit Bio”

Can I have more than one profile on a single email?



I want to donate money to WildFyre, where can I do that?

You can donate to our Patreon here. If you donating you gain access to special features.

Or for a one time donation here.

Where can I buy WildFyre merchandise?

Yes! We have a RedBubble.

I found a bug. How do I report it?

You can report a bug by emailing us at [email protected]. When you report bugs, please describe in detail the problem you are having and steps to duplicate the said problem.