Update #5

It has been a while since our last update. So lets deliver the stats: As of this writing we currently have 665 users which has nearly doubled since the last update. A lot more features! Native image support Added anonymous posting Fixed lots and lots of bugs Most importantly, improved […]

Update #4

We are in open beta and have an Android Beta App on the Google Play Store. Posts now support Markdown formatting and our user base has grown a lot. (~350 registered users) Users can flag posts and comments and are able to change their Emails and Passwords, which is very important.

Update #3

Users will be added in batches. The first group will receive their invites soon this batch size is 10. Register here if interested in signing up: Loading…

Update #2

We created a barebones Alpha and got 40+ users. Recently we got the ability to view our own cards which is very important.