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WildFyre is a New and Innovative Social Media Platform


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Open Source

We believe in transparency, that's why we openly publish our source code. Want to help? Click the icon above.

Naturally Viral

You are already viral on WildFyre due to the way our algorithm works. Your success on the platform is based upon how you present yourself. So how will you?


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No Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers ruin social media platforms. So we removed them and replaced it with what we call "Friends". Friends will allow you to tag and direct message users but do not give you an advantage.


We put you first when we make business decisions. Want to be heard? Join us!

Unique and Flexible content creation

Want to add some pizazz to the boring old plain text editors? Use markdown and inline images to make your content unique and come to life


Be anonymous on WildFyre. Have a secret to share? Want to play devils advocate? We have you covered


We are still in beta and we love suggestions and feedback. Let us know what you think!

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About Us

Once upon a time, there was an app. It was a unique sort of social network. Then the developers announced plans to change the app into something completely different, and no one lived happily ever after. The community didn’t want to see it die, so they got together and made WildFyre, which is based on the idea of the original app except this time you’re in control.

Meet The Team

Cameron Gilbert

Co-Founder and Lead Frontend Developer

Started programming at the age of 13. Successful brand creation experience and guerrilla marketing expert.

[email protected]

Tobias Wiese

Co-Founder and Lead Backend/Cloud Developer

[email protected]

Ivan Canet

Lead Kotlin Developer

Student in Computer Science in Bordeaux, France, fell in love with Kotlin after discovering Java 8.

[email protected]

Eric Bregman

iOS Developer

Started iOS development and released his first app at the age of 12. Signed musician with Rehegoo Music Group.

[email protected]


Android Developer

Started programming at the age of 7.

[email protected]